Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Youth Pastor's Wife!

Creating inexpensive, healthful and delicious meals is a goal I strive for every day. Thankfully, I have a very encouraging (and hungry) houseful to "practice" on! As you may have guessed, my husband is the youth pastor of our church, and being part of a busy ministry gives plenty of opportunity to try new recipes and food creations! My sweet mom-in-law (the Preacher's Wife) has inspired me to share some of these recipes, so here I am! Trying to find foods that satisfy the need for "comfort" foods while keeping things fresh and healthy and maintaining a low budget can be a challenge sometimes, not to mention pleasing a 3 yr. old and a 1 yr. old at the same time! However, it is definitely NOT impossible!! Using staples from the pantry combined with simple fresh ingredients, even the kids are happy with dinner...most of the time! :) Our church youth group is a great bunch of "judges" for recipes, so I'll post some of their favorites, as well! My goal in general concerning this blog is to share my passion for food and cooking for my family. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I was visiting your Mother-in-law's blog and saw you ahd started one too, it looks great. I know you are busy, our youngest son has been youth pastor for three years, but has just moved to a new church and is now the pastor of that church. Also my Dad pastored for over fifty years. So I know how busy it gets.
    Prayers, Bo

  2. Hi Monica! I enjoyed looking at your blog :) I also have a recipe blog, when you get the chance you can check it out. It is:

    W. Carr